Vanbook P3N advan-51 125, Netbook Screen 13.3 - Netbook Vanbook P3N-51 125 is a commitment to continuously innovate Advan. With a screen size of 13.3 "LED wide screen, Vanbook P3N-51 125 is the first netbook and the only one that has a screen size larger than netbook. Vanbook P3N-51 125 is also powered by an Intel Atom Pineview-D (D510) which is a dual core processor and 6 cell battery.

Design on Advan Vanbook P3N-51 125 is designed with slick. Although widescreen, this device is designed to look slim and compact design, weighs only 1.6 kg was so easily taken anywhere. In her dazzling bronze elegant color, the device offers a premium look classy nan. With the form view full-size keyboard and touchpad are more comfortable, Vanbook P3N-51 125 series is very much like a notebook that is more comfortable than other netbooks.

Advan launch a netbook with an Intel Dual Core and 13-inchscreen. Advan Digital, a computer manufacturing company which is the number one local brand in Indonesia to introduce netbookP3N-51 125 series. Advan-51 125 Vanbook P3N this is the answer for those who frequently use computational activity light but need a wider screen and portability.
This device is the answer for those who frequently with the light ofcomputer activities, but have a larger screen and portability. IntelAtom Pineview computing power of type D (D510), a dual-coreprocessor. Moreover, in order to support the performance of users,the device has a 6-cell battery, so that their use could be longer.

Drawings P3N-51 125-series is also designed with a very polite.Despite the big screen, this device is designed to smooth andcompact. It weighed only 1.6 kg makes it easy wherever you go. In his elegant bronze iridescent colors, the device offers a premium appearance. With an eye on the form of a full keyboard andtouchpad are more comfortable, is Vanbook P3N-51 125-series, abit like a laptop, the more comfort than other netbooks.

With all the services that are held, is offered P3N 51 125-series at an affordable price. Netbook big screen and use the dual-core Atom is only at a price of 2.499 billion rupees.

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