Bookcase Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" ORIGINAL - This is now my favorite case – the official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Leather Book Case, not that I’ve used that many cases. Just like the official Leather Pouch, the Leather Book Case feels incredibly high quality, yet it doesn’t feel like genuine leather, or even faux leather, it feels more like hard plastic. Despite that, there’s some weight to it, and it’s very sturdy so that contributes to the case’s quality feel.

The “Samsung” and “Galaxy Tab” logos can be found on the back, front and behind the flap. The front and back have some kind of texture which reminds me of that found on a nail file, except much finer and obviously with no uncomfortable feeling. The inside, behind the lid, that will cover the tablet screen is smooth so as to not damage the screen, while the tablet holder has a soft microfiber lining to protect the back of the tablet.
The coolest part of the case has the be the magnet flap. It’s very satisfying to have it close automatically.

Note that the case wasn’t designed to accommodate the tablet with a protective skin covering the sides. The tablet will be a tight squeeze but you may find your protective skin forced off around the snap on clips.
There are three angles you can place the tablet in. Two viewing angles and one typing angle. You can also lay the case flat with just a slight angle due to the bulge the flap gives. This bulge also makes it incredibly comfortable to hold the tablet with one hand. Sony’s upcoming tablet will actually integrate a bulge just like this.

There are openings for the camera on the back of the tablet, the headphone jack and the sides are exposed so the speakers do not get muffled.


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