Adopted Fuel reason to Android - Techradar posting the pictures and they also claim there is one employee RIM unnamed mangatakan unmistakably a BlackBerry Messenger will be able to run on Android - As is known, or BlackBerry Messenger, known as BBM, is the instant messaging platform that is devoted to the BlackBerry only.

But now, there are rumors that RIM will bring the fuel to other mobile operating systems, namely Android for the first time. This is another step in the acceptance of RIM who could no longer endure holding the instant application mesagingnya exclusively on his own platform.

Nokia has also suffered a similar fate with RIM. Where the Symbian operating system that only owned Nokia to quickly eroded after the iPhone and Android smartphones entering the market. It seemed like a huge failure, making it difficult to act to keep up with the changing environment and customers now find it difficult Nokia Nokia mobile phones in every store in the United States.

As we know Nokia decided its partnership with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 7 as the handset of the future.

Apparently, RIM should cooperate with partners that are currently being loved in the smartphone market in order not experienced similar things with the Nokia. Partners are most likely in cooperation with RIM is that Google and Android.


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