View Lytro Announces Light Field Camera - Using light field technology - new camera - new Lytro will amaze you, seriously - Nikon that only captures a single plane of light - In other words, no shutter delay, so you’ll be able to capture a moment instantly and not when the camera’s ready - Light Field Camera -
Lytro | Light Field Camera

lytro light field camera

 Price Camera Light-field Lytro Photography - Camera Specifications Lytro. A camera 'radical' successfully created by the original Silicon Valley startup, Lytro. Besides having a design that does not like cameras typically, the camera follows also reinforced with a technology that allows users to specify the focus of the image after pressing the shutter button.

That superior technology in this camera is called the light-field photography. Click first, focus later, a breakthrough which of course helps photographers overcome the photos out of focus.

It works by recording data about the light field in front of the lens as much as possible, before the process. The result, images taken with the camera has a format Lytro 3D map that allows the user to specify the focus after they took pictures.

In terms of design, Lytro has a different shape that is tangible sized box 4.4 inch x 1.6 inch. Lens and touch screen LCD display occupies both sides of the tip.

Not many buttons located on camera Lytro. Users will only see the power button and shutter here. There is also a USB port and sliding the zoom in tool is actually more like a viewfinder.

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