Specifications 5 Iphone 16GB iPhone 32GB Black and White 5. Specifications 5 new Apple iPhone has been known. Parties who upload specs hp iphone 5 are British operator Vodafone. Although the operator was immediately delete it, references indicate, the iPhone 5 will be available in 16GB and 32GB capacities. Also different from its predecessors, there are indications of this new model will have a white version at the same time of its release.


Specifications iphone 5 are 'caught' by AppleInsider this week is, this device is suitable for Vodafone signal amplifier for GBP 50 (USD 700 thousand), Vodafone Sure Signal.

5 white iPhone model will mark a change from previous Apple devices. 4 white iPhone itself has just emerged this year after many reports of sightings. Apple continues to delay the launch of the white version because the pretext of searching for a suitable paint.

Although no official statement from Apple, there is strong suspicion iPhone 5 will be launched this October. Inilah.com

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