New Ipad 2 Spesifikasi  and Price - When Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2, he said the tablets would be priced the same as the first iPad. As quoted product previews, iPad, and iPad 2 has a few differences, including a processor which now uses the A5 processor - iPad 2 has been officially released by ipple with iPad 2 prices and specifications are quite a relief than the iPad 1. The more rampant the tablet PC market in 2011 until 2012.

iPad 2011


According to some sources iPad 2 sold from $ 499 for 16 GB Wifi, $ 599 (32 Gb Wifi), $ 699 (64 GB Wifi). As for the 3G version added around USD 130. So it ranges from USD 629 (16 GB 3G + Wifi), USD 729 (32 GB 3G + Wifi), and USD 829 (64 GB 3G + Wifi). How where the price iPad 2 in Indonesia? multiply the dollar exchange rate stayed wrote to dollars. Suppose iPad 2 16 GB Wifi $ 499, for example the exchange rate of rupiah Rp.9.000 499 x 9000 = Rp. 4.491 million. So it all depends on the dollar exchange rate to dollars.


1.iPad 2 will carry a diameter of 9.7 inch display with 1024 × 768 pixels. This means the display and the resolution iPad 2 identical to its predecessor.

2.iPad 2 also has two cameras. One front and one at the rear. Two cameras are set up to support the video call feature FaceTime or the Apple version.

3.Change in the design iPad2. The latest product appear more slender. Speaker was in the back, as found in tablets.

4.Apple immerse new chip for iPad2. If the iPad brings Chip A4, A5 new products using the chip.

5.Apple increase capacity to 512 MB ​​of RAM.

6.Apple remove hot swap, no MicroSD slot iPad2.

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