BlackBerry Bold 9700 Officially Present in Indonesia - BlackBerry Bold 9700 itself is a combination of design refinement of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and Curve 8900. Bold 9700 has the luxury of a la Bold 9000 and Curve compact design like 8900. The main increase in CHIP feel when trying to direct this handset is its dimensions are more compact when compared to the Bold 9000, even more concise than the Curve 8900.


From the hardware side, the Bold 9700 is equipped with 3G network capability, touchpad, Wi-Fi, and A-GPS. One thing that is encouraging is the presence of a 624MHz processor which is expected to support the Bold 9700 operating system, OS 5.0, become more responsive and faster than previous BlackBerry handsets. On this occasion, RIM also introduced the campaign "Peace of Mind". A program from RIM that provides information distributor and authorized service center RIM in Indonesia, as well as the advantages of buying a BlackBerry handset in comparison with the official version of the "black market".

Source: Press Release

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